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Exhibited 30 November - 22 December 2018 20/20 20 days, 20 artists
Upright Gallery was pleased to bring together 20 artists that have previously exhibited at the gallery in 2017/18 and some that are lined up for 2019. Since opening in spring 2017, the gallery has hosted variety of contemporary artists and photographers who’s work has ranged from film, photomontage, calligraphy, painting, photography, illustration to textiles, artist books and printing. All brought a visual freshness and a variety of conceptual approaches to their work. For example, Ross Miller’s self-portraiture delved into self-exploration. Ian Frank experimented with the formal qualities of the Route Two geometric system. Susie Wilson enquired into the world of health and medicine in microscopic detail. While Anuoshka Schellekens explored the theme of age and relationships. Artists include: Felicity Bristow Nicholas Denney John Edwards Jenny Findlay Ian Frank Toni Harrower Inzajeano Latif Susie Leiper Alan Lennon Kate Livingstone Greg Lourens Annalisa Merrilees Ross Miller Charlotte Roseberry Anoushka Schellekens Karl Stern Rhona Taylor John Taylor Olivia Turner Susie Wilson

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