Exhibited 2 - 22 June 2017 DEEP.CUT Alan Lennon Click on the images above for more details
Alan Lennon is a multi-disciplined artist exploring contemporary figurative work and has been exhibiting regularly for the last 10 years. Continually fascinated and inspired by the human form he draws upon feelings of isolation and alienation, people connecting or not connecting. He works across many mediums: oil on canvas, clay forms, direct stone carving and more recently traditional photomontage. His interest for this discipline was quite recently reignited and once he started it quickly became an obsession. He is a professional graphic designer and has always had a love for the Dadaists and Russian Constructivists. Photomontage allows him to express other areas that his painting and sculpture doesn't - such as a subtle political comment mixed with some dark humour. As a reaction against his design background he has shuned modern technology, preferring the hands-on, traditional cut and paste approach with no computer involvement. The challenge of only using random, found material is also part of the process and allows his imagination to run freely as a narrative starts to form. Like his paintings and other creative output, he seeks a strong simplicity in the work. Using a limited colour palette and avoiding over decoration, the images can often be very potent but always left open to the viewer's individual interpretation.

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