Exhibited 30 June - 20 July 2018


Departure of the Line

Olivia Turner

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Olivia Turner’s art continually questions conventional ideas about space. Her paintings play with perspective, composition and structure and draw inspiration from the powerful, solid structures and materials of Brutalist architecture of the late 20th Century.


Turner’s compositions create spaces that highlight the hidden beauty of buildings that, until recently, have often been overlooked. By abstracting structures and isolating them from their original surroundings, she attempts to give the viewer no option but to interact with them in an entirely new way.


Each painting is developed from a series of drawings made from multiple viewpoints during site visits. Through selecting interesting architectural elements, Turner explores the various ways in which she can portray space and form.


Each piece allows the eye to ‘walk’ freely in and around the composition, attempting to change the viewers' experience of space by creating a ‘new’ space.


Where possible Turner likes to make site specific work that attempts to fully immerse the viewer into its composition. These larger, painterly installations focus strongly on perspective and the viewers physical reaction to them. Each involve the viewer

trying to find the focal point where the installation comes together and all the perspectives meet.


For this show Olivia Turner presents a new series of paintings which have been made in response to research carried out last year. The show will look at scale, composition and perspective, that continues to refine elements from her previous solo show in Glasgow.



Olivia Turner is an Edinburgh based artist and co-founder of DOK Artist Space, a grass roots contemporary exhibition and studio space in Leith.


Born in 1992 in West Yorkshire, Turner studied her foundation diploma in Art and Design at Batley School of Art in 2012. She then moved to Edinburgh to study painting where she developed her interest in architecture, paying particular attention to Brutalism.


Since graduating with a first-class degree, Turner has continued to develop her practice exhibiting across the UK. In 2016 she was awarded RSA Latimer Award and RSA Sir William Gillies Bequest Award. In March this year Olivia had her first solo exhibition Refine at Stallan-Brand, Glasgow.

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