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Exhibited 22 February – 15 March 2019 Fresh Thoughts Toni Harrower Toni Harrower graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen in 2016 and is a practicing artist in Scotland. Her paintings follow a ‘system’ and a set of restraints that determine colour, composition and scale. Working from a colour-coded alphabet, the titles for each painting are extremely important as a starting point. From here each piece follows a basic set of rules – working from left to right, top to bottom. Harrower explores the physicality of paint in line with her interest in dementia and the unforeseen in life. Working in a repetitious manner, she creates individual patterns and repeated geometric shapes that form a grid-like cell structure. This approach provides a level of control over the paint, which is otherwise unrestricted. Harrower builds up layers to express the passing of time. As the paint gains depth and weight, gravity and a lack of control come into play, causing the paint to fall away, merging cells into one another. This push/pull process Harrower relates to the uncontrollable events that occur in life, implying the notion of the mind – and the human existence - falling apart.

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