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Exhibited 17 Sep - 4 Oct From Here to Distant Horizons Winifred Hodge Nature is at the heart of Winifred Hodge’s work. She loves to be outside looking, listening, being totally absorbed in what is around her... the weather, the sounds. the birds. trees, wildlife and just absorbing it all. She sketches and paints outdoors, often finishing work back in the studio. The finished paintings are not only a response to the what she sees but also a representation of the emotion of the whole experience on that specific day. in that particular environment. She is most attracted to explore areas of isolation and emptiness and spends much time studying and drawing the effects on landforms of constantly changing light. Much of her life has been based in areas of natural beauty Galloway, the Yorkshire Dales and now the coastlines of the Firth of Forth. However. she is regularly drawn to the beautiful rugged landscapes and remote areas of the islands and mainland around the north and west of Scotland. Winifred is inspired and constantly challenged to capture their beauty and sense of wonder, no matter how often, in whatever weather, she is fortunate enough to be there. This summer she spent some truly inspirational weeks on an artists residency on Fair Isle.
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