15 Jan - 5 Feb 2021 Juncture Ken Wilder Window installation

1176 x 576 x 1824mm

Plywood, lead white paint, graphite, gold leaf, purpose-designed steel base


Inspired by the 1960s paintings of Agnes Martin and Frank Stella, Ken Wilder’s Juncture is a three-dimensional construction that blurs the boundaries between installation, sculpture and painting. Installed as a 24-hour exhibit within the window space of the Upright Gallery, the piece can be viewed at any time of the day in different lighting conditions, whether frontally, or from its side (gazing through the window of the gallery). There are two components: a ‘T’ shaped object constructed in 24mm plywood and a steel base, from which the plywood structure cantilevers out at the rear, extending into the space of the gallery. The two 576 x 576mm ply squares are separated by a narrow 24mm wide slot that steps up towards the rear, the end section of which is open to allow light in from above. This narrow corridor-like space has to be peered into – requiring the beholder to press their nose close to the glass – and continues the horizontal configuration of the two painted 384 x 384mm squares. While static as an object, the work engages the beholder’s share through different viewing distances and different perspectives, drawing her into the work’s semantic content.


Ken Wilder is an artist and writer. He is the University of the Arts London Reader in Spatial Design. He has published widely, including the monograph Beholding: Situated Art and the Aesthetics of Reception, published in May 2020 by Bloomsbury.


A related work by Ken Wilder, 'Passage' (2006/2018)
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