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Exhibited 28 July - 24 August 2017 Half Life Kate Livingstone Kate Livingstone is originally from North East England but has been living and working in Edinburgh for the past ten years. Her practice is intrinsically material and process driven. She approaches the making of work in a way that borders on compulsive, embracing her obsessive tendencies and honing the details of intensely layered surfaces. Livingstone graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice in 2016. She has exhibited in numerous shows across Edinburgh, was the recipient of the Society of Scottish Artists Graduate Award, the Barns Graham Travel Award and was long-listed for the John Moores Painting Prize 2016. Upright Gallery will showcase some of Kate Livingstone’s paintings from the past two years. Ambiguous forms and blossoming networks of graphic shapes within the layers of composition suggest dynamic movement and a simultaneous coming together and splitting apart of matter. The layering and mixing of contradictory materials, such as traditional oils with industrial varnish and enamels, suggests something alchemic. Livingstone both embraces and attempts to restrain the accidental within paintings; as uncontrolled pours of liquid paint layer with meticulous areas of hand painting, chaos and control exist in a delicate tension.

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