Emma-Louise Grady in front of 'Aphrodites Rage Photo Andrew Crawley
Daryl Terri Cooney in front of 'Are His Organs Made of Butter? So Greasy' and 'Wawa Zita Jones' 
Exhibited March-July 2022 Art at the Kimpton Hotel Charlotte Square, Edinburgh DARYL TERRI COONEY NAOMI MCCLURE Emma-Louise Grady (March-May) HANNAH BENASSI (June - July) In 2021 artists Emma-Louise Grady, Daryl Terri Cooney and Naomi McClure all exhibited separately at Upright Gallery. From March to May this year they are jointly exhibiting at Edinburgh's Kimpton Hotel in Charlotte Square. Hannah Benassi will take the place of Emma-Louise in June until the end of July when the exhibition ends. The show, curated by Upright Gallery, will display the abstract painters interest in the physical form of colour, shape and texture. The Kimpton Hotel says: "The vivid colours and free-flowing nature of these works symbolise a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Join us in representing a world where difference is valued and celebrated. The exhibition of works by Emma-Louise, Daryl and Naomi has been brought together in our courtyard oasis by Upright Gallery, an Edinburgh-based independent art gallery, in celebration of International Women’s Day 2022". If you are in the centre of town pop in to see the show over a coffee.
Hannah Benassi with 'Spring Mist'
Naomi McClure in front of 'Polar Nights' and '17 Rue Beautreillis II'
The Kimpton Hotel lobby
'Dreaming of Fields and Frogs' by Emma-Louise Grady
'Stone Washed', 'Spring Mist' and 'Clays Cotto' by Hannah Benassi 'Absolutely Not Bad ' by Daryl Terri Cooney 'First Blush 2' by Naomi McClure
Four Star Review **** The List - p65 The ground floor of Edinburgh's Kimpton Hotel has been transformed from a traditional hotel lobby into an abstract art experience. Created to celebrate International Women's Day, this anthology aims to explore freedom of bias and discrimination through an otherworldly collection of fluid pattern, vivid colour and assorted texture. Showcasing the vibrant work of three bright and bold young Scottish artists, the exhibition, by Upright Gallery is ‘celebrating the women on our walls' until end of July. Daryl Terri Cooney's animated acrylic work lines the grey walls of the Kimpton's courtyard, adding a kaleidoscopic element to an otherwise conventional space. Cooney's fresh and quirky paintings work with shape, colour and pattern. Wondrous works such as 'Are The Glens Of The World Okay?' and 'The Hilltown Smells Of Noodles' are but a small selection of the artist's wackiest titles. In contrast, 'First Blush' by Naomi McClure displays more muted tones with the pink, mauve and purple shades of oil-paint-on-panel creating a three-dimensional and unconventional piece that exhibits a variety of textures. McClure's art soothes the eyes after the sensory explosion of Cooney's work and creates a buoyant balance between the two. The third artist of the Kimpton trio displays a fitting middle ground between Cooney's colour-crazed wonderland and McClure's blend of texture and tone. Emma-Louise Grady's lacing of dreamy patterns and plant-like shapes are formed by hundreds of intricate dots and lines made with acrylic paint and Posca pens. Similarly to her fellow artists, Grady uses shape, colour and texture to produce an abstract utopia in works such as 'Dreaming Of Fields And Frogs'. Although a hotel lobby may not seem habitual for such an energetic display of nonfigurative art, our young female artists have no trouble transporting visitors from the mundane to the imaginary. Their collective work creates a free-flowing commemoration of women in the art industry. Rachel Cronin

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