Exhibited 15 Oct - 4 Nov Meeting of Moments Hannah Benassi Travel is central to Benassi’s art. While journeying, she absorbs as much information as possible to inform her painting. Benassi’s art is an abstraction of her memories. When starting a new painting she attempts to avoid any preconceived ideas and instead tries to respond to experiences she encounters on her travels. Her work reflects upon, amongst many things, conversations, architectural details, rural landscapes, light, colour, texture and form, where she marries all to create ‘snap shots’ that, she feels, reflects a moment in time. Whilst each painting stands alone, it is evident that Benassi also creates relationships between each painting. For example, the subtle application of opaqueness and transparency, the fluid use of layering calico and rice paper and the shared colour palette all combine to create a family of individuals. Meeting of Moments is a new body of work by Benassi that, she feels, presents a more personal and artistic growth by developing further her interactions, exploration and intuition.
Halls in the dark Drifting of the day
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Cover down
Settling sands
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