tools to evoke change £125 each
Bullshit Cutter Can't Be Bothered Whisk Don't Feel Safe Here Probe Everything Crap Deflector Feeling Sad Soaker Upper Frustration Gauge Frustration Guard
I Wish I Hadn't Grinder Idle Diffuser Inertia Massager Inspiration Injector Intense Anger Container Intuition Circulator & Presence Transmitter Intuition Former
It's OK Transmitter Keep Safe Spreader Keeping Options Open Surveyor Lethargy Quencher Lurking Doubt Comforter Moment of Inspiration Grasper Automatic Negative Scraper
Not Good Enough Scrubber Old Patterns of Behaviour Whisk Overwhelm Tester Personal Demon Catcher Self Disbelief Extinguisher detail Negative News Siever & Self Disbelief Extinguisher Selfawareness Spinner
Toolkit for the infrequent optimist


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