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Exhibited 23 March - 13 April 2018 N BY SW Impressions of Iceland and Portugal Karl Stern This exhibition focuses on paintings Stern made after his travels to Iceland and Portugal - Europe's most northern and south westerly countries. Originally a figurative artist, Stern began to move towards painting landscapes and a trip to Iceland cemented this interest where he explored the countries stark, rugged town and landscapes. Following on from this Stern has attempted to capture the dry, colourful environments of Portugal. His fascination for place, atmosphere and mood are contrasted in his representation of these two very different countries. Using a technique derived of colagraphic printing he creates textured paintings which are then used to make intaglio prints. The printing process completes the image through the introduction of line and added tone to the paintings. There are no more than four individual prints made from each painting. Colour is applied to paper prior to printing, making each work individual. His work has been selected for several open shows at the RSA, RGI and PAI. You will find his work at galleries in Perth, Edinburgh, Ullapool and the Borders as well as running successful open studio events. This is his third solo show.

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