Exhibited 20 September - 11 October 2019

Of Movement & Light

Debbie Mountain

Debbie Mountain was born in South Africa and grew up near Durban and in Cape Town. She moved to Scotland when she was 27, where she still lives. She is a psychiatrist and uses the immediacy of paint to be present, to be still; foregoing cognitions, thoughts, emotions, and narration.


Inspired by minimalism, Mountain's work is a reference to itself, not seeking to express emotion or representation. It does not allude to anything, except the joyful exploration of the materialism of paint. The luxury of modern day, toxic free, non flammable, easy to use paint squeezed from a tube. Its accessibility celebrates the democratisation of the minimalist movement. Each colour performs on its own. It has its own texture, viscosity, transparency and reflective and tactile qualities, catching light and casting shadow.


The artist uses simple forms and creates "paint pyramids" using everyday items; a paint scraper, cake icer and palette knife. The

sculptural quality of the 'paint pyramids' blurs the boundaries between 2 and 3 dimensions, creating a sense of movement, inviting the paint to leap from its surface. The work departs from minimalism in the rejection of mechanisation of art, instead embracing the flaws of hand painting. The artist invites chance and tolerates mistakes as her role is merely to 'curate' the paint - the paint is choosing the final image as the artist watches on.


Its sumptuous, repetitive nature has a meditative effect on the viewer. Nothing needs to be explained or understood, just experienced. It is what you see.


This exhibition also includes 2 pieces of earlier work, while still minimalist, the paint is used in translucent layers that evokes a different mood to the other works on display.

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