Rhona Taylor and Olivia Turner Parallel IV Acrylic on board 20cm x 20cm
Exhibited 8-29 October 2021 Parallel Rhona Taylor & Olivia Turner Parallel is a joint exhibition by Olivia Turner and Rhona Taylor, including a new series of collaborative works on which the two artists have worked together for the first time. There are several parallels running between their work – both question and play with ideas about space, manipulating how the viewer interacts with it, and experiment with the boundary between two and three dimensions. Mapping and the navigation of space also play important but very different roles in both their work. Turner’s paintings are densely multi-faceted representations of Brutalist buildings in which composition, form and structure play an integral part, while Taylor makes paintings and site-specific installations that physically interact with spaces, inviting the viewer to experience places in a different way. Both make work that encourages the viewer to question their experience of a space. Olivia Turner and Rhona Taylor both studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art, and have exhibited alongside each other several times. This is the first time that they have made work together, and for Parallel have created both solo and collaborative outcomes, making work that responds to each other’s work, materials and processes.
Rhona Taylor and Olivia Turner Parallel XII Mixed media on acrylic and board 15cm x 15cm
Rhona Taylor Rhythmic Light III Acrylic on birch plywood 30cm x 30cm Olivia Turner G14 6EY Acrylic on board 45 x 60 cm

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