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Skylights Ken Wilder
DEEP.CUT Alan Lennon
Half Life Kate Livingstone
Interwoven Jenny Findlay & Susie Wilson
All I Know is Me Ross Miller Juxtaposed Anoushka Schellekens & Rachel Donaldson
Displaced NPP
Re:Colour Re:Shape Ian Frank & John Taylor
N BY SW Karl Stern
Portraits Greg Lourens
Departure of the Line Olivia Turner
Up on the Mountain and down by the River Susie Leiper & Felicity Bristow
Between Bruntsfield and Tollcross Inzajeano Latif
Perimeters Rhona Taylor 20/20 Mixed show Height of Disappointment Michael Key Terence
Fresh Thoughts Toni Harrower Stains and Stones Charlotte Roseberry Frame of Mind Annalisa Merrilees Rhythm Soosan Danesh
Precipitous City bound : unbound Of Movement & Light Debbie Mountain Dialect Gen Harrison & Chris Sleath Xmashup Mixed Show
Soap Kart Michael Kay Terence Evoking Change Jenny Pope
Coming up for air Lynda & Rob Wilson Coming up for air Lynda & Rob Wilson
Reflections Ross Miller
O for light Catherine Sargeant Re:connections Artist Books Points of Departure Mary Walters Behind Every Door Naomi McClure
Wanderings Emma-Louise Grady Peas and Barley Daryl Terri Cooney Parallel Rhona Taylor & Olivia Turner Fragile Futures Jude Nixon & Mary Walters
Nature Works Artist Books Junctiure Ken Wilder Winnowing in the Wind Alice Dudgeon Heliotrope Kate Livingstone
Overlap Anna Merrilees & Debbie Mountain Nesting Gail Turpin Kimpton Hotel Hannah Benassi, Daryl Terri Cooney, Naomi McClure and Emma Louise Grady While I Was Waiting Helen Moore
From Here to Distant Horizons Winifred Hodge Meeting of Moments Hannah Benassi
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