Exhibited 19 October - 9 November 2018 Perimeters Rhona Taylor Perimeters is an exhibition of new paintings by Rhona Taylor, made in response to a remote former military site on the west coast of Scotland. Taylor’s work crosses several disciplines including installation, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture. Before studying painting at Edinburgh College of Art she worked as a journalist, and her art work is strongly rooted in stories. She makes work in response to the context and language of particular places, often in remote or isolated areas, and the people that live and work there. She’s particularly drawn to the sea, islands and the extreme reaches of land. Much of her work looks at the voyages people make, and the boundaries and transitions of place and time. She is interested in researching the history and memory of different places, and is attracted to locations that can be quietly unsettling. Recently she has started to explore navigation as a subject matter, and how digital technology facilitates and changes the ways humans navigate.

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