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Exhibited April 18 - May 21 2021 POINTS OF DEPARTURE Mary Walters Since graduation from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012, Mary Walters has travelled extensively in Europe, in both Northern and Southern directions. Each journey has inspired a visual response in a variety of art media – prints, drawings, paintings, books and small-scale sculptures. Each experience has been a point of departure for the development of a seemingly endless exploration of processes and materials. Her initial background in geography and geology has provided her a vocabulary through which she attempts an understanding of both the natural and human processes that form the wild landscapes she has come to love – the mountains of Valencia, the basalts of Iceland, the west coast of Scotland, the far north of Finland, the sea ice of Svalbard, the mountains of Norway. This exhibition displays key encounters with some of these landscapes. Her conversations with the places she has selected demonstrate her ongoing search for that elusive and distilled personal visual language.

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