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Exhibited 16 August - 6 September 2019 Precipitous City bound : unbound Lynda Wilson Liza Green Christine Sloman
From her tall precipice and terraced gardens she looks far and wide … 
Robert Louis Stevenson, Picturesque Notes, 1878 Precipitous City encapsulates how Stevenson and the members of bound : unbound view the city of Edinburgh. The group, based in and around the city, make artist books and wall works that reflect the diverse practices of each artist – printmaking, painting, lettering, installation and textiles. The works on show reflect interests ranging from Edinburgh’s fine architecture and examples of lettering, to her association with the medical world, plants and herbal medicines, and a pervading spirit of place. As a group the artists have created a set of five prints, available as a set or individually, that draw together these various interests.
bound : unbound are: Felicity Bristow Liza Green Susie Leiper Lynda Wilson Susie Wilson Christine Sloman joined bound : unbound after the exhibition Review by Edward Wates in Forum. With permission of the Editor of Forum, the journal of the Letter Exchange.
Susie Wilson Felicity Bristow Susie Leiper

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