Exhibited 11 September - 1 October 2020 Reflections Ross Miller
Reflections is an ongoing series of drawings inspired by a trip Ross Miller made to Italy in 2019. Working from reference images of sculptures seen at the Vatican and Florence, these new works are the result of considerable time spent trying to achieve a balance of fine line-work, expressive marks and areas of realistic detail. "An impromptu day trip to Rome inspired much of the work. A trip where I rushed around on foot to see as much as I could before having to run all the way from the Vatican Museum to Roma Centrale station to catch the last train to Pisa where I was staying. It was manic, and I think that comes across in the work through the frantic mark making of some of the quicker sketches. I've been feeling my way through depicting a figure as opposed to measuring the proportions of a face. It's a more expressive and intuitive approach to my usual work, conscious of the fact that I'm prone to overworking. But the larger drawings are something more laboured that I've sought to resolve more fully."

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