Exhibited 21 June - 12 July 2019 Rhythm Soosan Danesh Click on the images above for more details
Soosan Danesh’s brilliantly abstract 'Rhythms, Edinburgh Closes' are interpretations of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile closes. There are nine on display and although they are similar in style and size, each piece of wood is carefully designed and coloured in a specific way. They are as intricate as the closes they portray, and each has a very different story to tell. Each individual piece can be displayed as a single art work, or all together as an installation. For this show Soosan presents a new set of Rhythm paintings and combined images, initiated from her sketchbooks and combination of painted surfaces and founded objects, inspired by unique structures of Edinburgh Closes. In 2015 her Rhythm was part of the first Edinburgh Creative Industry Incubator showcase in Shenzhen, China. Abstraction has always been a main focus for Soosan, she considers her practice an ongoing journey as she composes sumptuous and atmospheric combined images with infinitive possibilities of experimentation. Inspiration mostly comes from the places rather than people, a new way of looking at Scottish landscape, with architectural and emotional responses to memory of places. Images are mainly narrative abstract, with a combination of painted surfaces and found objects that mostly come from exploring the environment. Soosan Danesh graduated from Edinburgh College of Arts, Edinburgh University in 2013 with a BA in Art & Design. She is a Professional Member of the Society of Scottish Artists and her work has been selected for several shows at the RSA Open, SSA, VAS and RGI as well as some group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Soosan Danesh is an Edinburgh based artist.

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