Exhibited 6 - 27 January 2020 Soap Kart Michael Kay Terence
This January's window exhibition will see the return of artist Michael Kay Terence and his brand of thoughtful and witty sculpture. Continuing his preoccupation with the environment, Terence's installation explores our carbon foot print and how we effect the world around us through our use of cars. Edinburgh has some of the most polluted streets in Scotland. Queensferry Road in Edinburgh is second on the list for nitrogen oxide and has become the most-polluted street for PM10. Particulate matter is the sum of all solid and liquid particles suspended in air, many of which are hazardous. Terence's response to this is a 'soap kart'. Consisting of an eco-friendly soap box racer (a go kart) but with bio friendly soap blocks in place of wheels. The installation will include a film of Terence running the 'clean-up' car on some of the dirtiest streets in Edinburgh. The installation will be on view 24 hours in the gallery window. Last year Terence exhibited 'The Height of Disappointment' at the gallery. The video can be viewed in the 'past' section of this website.

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