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Susie Leiper

Elephant Hill


Concertina book: oil and gouache on board.


Chiang Yee’s misinterpretation of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, 1948. In Chiang Yee’s classic A Silent Traveller in Edinburgh he compares the city mountain before his eyes to a reclining elephant. Pages with shapes resembling hills and clouds are interspersed with text from this classic book.




Pentland Palette


Artist book: oil on card, covers antique miniature painting palette.


Two palettes at play here: the physical antique palette from a travelling painting box, and the muted colour palette of Pentland hillsides on a dismal day. The painted pages tuck inside the folding palette, which was used by my mother while at Glasgow School of Art in the 1930s.







Artist book: double-sided concertina, upcycled 19th-century vellum documents and oil on board, cloth covers.


This memorandum, which began as a 19th-century legal document on vellum, has morphed into a memorandum of a different kind – a celebration of the material, vellum. It seems appropriate to use this forgotten material, which made up the pages of most medieval manuscript books, in the context of a modern artist book. The application of oil paint brings to life the often beautiful and surprising textures of the calfskin.






Artist book: oil and resist on paper, hard covers.


Dawn in the mountains brings tinges of blues which gradually warm to greens and browns. This tiny book takes us through the wakening landscapes of a mountain dawn.




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