Susie Wilson



Pamphlet book with digital images and greaseproof paper with typed text.


This book was made as a response to the roots of weeds that cling on tenaciously between the cracks of paths, gutters and walls. The strength and life force hidden beneath the surface. All the weeds were collected either in Wilson’s garden or the street where she lives, emphasising the idea of feeling rooted to a place. The images are digitally reproduced from original monoprints with drawing and with interwoven greaseproof paper with typed text documenting where the root was found.






Digitally printed flexagon book with pocket.


This book developed through a postal exchange between Susie Wilson and artist, Felicity Bristow during their residency based at Craigentinny and Telferton Allotments. Snails and slugs were devouring the plants in Wilson’s garden and she took photos of some of culprits and the leaves they had devoured.


The flexagon book emphasised the feeling of movement and change she wanted to convey as the snails ate the nasturtium leaf.




Budget Pattern


Pamphlet stitch with collage and pop up.


This book developed from an earlier artist proof looking at sewing symbols.


The title ‘budget pattern’ was taken from a 1970s sewing pattern that had this stamped onto it and felt very relevant to present day. Pieces of sewing pattern have been edited down to their simplest symbols, cut-backs in other words.




Pin Point Patterns


Folded book with slipcover.


The artsist has a large collection of old sewing patterns from the 1970s and 1980s inherited from her mum. Some have been used while others are in pristine condition. Often the language used on the front of the packet offers up another time and sparks ideas.


Pin Point Patterns were a make of pattern and the title suggested visual patterns that could be made from pricking the paper with a pin and altering the surface from both sides.




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