Step. Coloured paper.

Edge. Acrylic gouache on folded aluminium.

Exhibited 15 April - 5 May 2023


Tilted Tints

Ally Wallace

Tilted Tints is a collection of aluminium and paper wall sculptures that display geometric designs and are folded to create subtle shadows. The aluminium sculptures are painted in acrylic gouache and are an extension of earlier studio experiments on A4 coloured sheets of paper. Having completed many of these paper pieces, Ally Wallace began making painted aluminium versions. These are more rigid and durable but they continue to convey the same feeling of lightness and simplicity as their paper predecessors, whilst having a quiet, textural quality of their own. Both the aluminium and paper sculptures are a playful exploration of colour and form. They aim to create balance and harmony and become objects that, in the opinion of the artist, have a 'rightness' about them.


In addition to the studio based sculptures exhibited in this exhibition, Wallace also produces installations, drawings, paintings and videos in response to the built environment, in particular modernist architecture. These are the result of self-initiated residency projects. They are site-specific pieces that respond to spaces in which they are placed. Recent projects have taken place in the University of Stirling's Pathfoot Building and Netherdale football stadium, Galashiels.

Stand. Acrylic gouache on folded aluminium.

Dots. Acrylic gouache on folded aluminium.

Jaz. Coloured paper.

Swap. Acrylic gouache on folded aluminium.

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