Fever 21cm x 30cm Acrylic paint, Posca pens on MDF board £300
Lunar Lake 82cm x 123cm Mixed media, acrylic, Posca pens and oil pastels on MDF £3500
Exhibited 30 July - 20 August 2021 Wanderings Emma-Louise Grady A feast of colourful mark making, combined with vivid colours and intense details, are the hallmarks of Emma-Louise Grady’s art. Her work is intuitive, free and fluid. Each piece is unique and stands in it’s own right. Every mark is committed to creating a ‘world’ that exist only for and within itself. Through these ‘worlds’, Grady hopes that the viewer becomes so absorbed, that they completely forget where they are and what they were thinking. This is perhaps particularly important in these challenging times. What inspires her work is forever changing. The intricate pattern designs are influenced by many things that change daily, be they, to name a few, her daily surroundings, architecture, mythology or astrology. Many of her titles come from these influences. In this exhibition Grady has drawn upon her Irish roots and explores the intricate Celtic designs and patterns. Colour plays a major role in her work. She enjoys using bold ‘statement’ colours combining them with more muted tones. At the outset of a painting colour is applied with the use of ‘fluid’ layers of acrylic paint, after which, she overlays her intricate patterns using ‘Posca’ pens. Occasionally, she allows the original paint work to show through, possibly acting as ‘breather’ or even a portal into another dimension. The result is a mazy, meandering and joyful artwork that leads the viewers eye here, there and everywhere and, hopefully, to a more peaceful state of mind.
Digital Catalogue on request
Lunar Lake (detail)
Thieves and Beggars 82cm x 123cm Mixed media, acrylic paint, Posca pens and oil pastels on MDF Board £3500
The Weather Dial 82cm width x 123cm length Mixed media, acrylic paint, Posca pens and oil pastels on MDF board £3500

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