Exhibited 7-28 2020 Where I Stand Michael Wildman

Upright Gallery opens the year with an exhibition of photographs by Michael Wildman. Over the years Michael has built up a collection of photographs from his many travels to South America where he is drawn to urban scenes that depict traces of human interaction. Walls of graffiti, peeling paint, old posters, strong shadows and subtle colours are Michael’s stock in trade. He photographs what he ‘feels’ is right and what may uncover or suggest hidden meanings.


“It may be that I seek out the solitary person who appears as if a mirror to myself, or what takes flight and eludes me. A pigeon taking wing serves as a metaphor for the unknown nature of what I strive for.


Where I stand is a coming of age and with that comes a realisation that to please myself is paramount and essential. I cannot frame what has no place within those lines, that which does not satisfy me, no matter of its form or composition.


But, for all that, I am never deterred in my quest to capture that elusive unknown, that which lifts me from this spot to another place Where I Stand.”


Michael Wildman February 2020

Selected exhibitions.

Loud and Clear, Edinburgh. 2003

Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh. 2004

DGP Media, Glasgow. 2005

Gallery A1, Edinburgh. 2005

Sofi’s Bar, Edinburgh. 2005

Atticsalt Gallery, Edinburgh. Solo show. 2006.

Leith Festival, Edinburgh. 2006

Atticsalt Gallery, Edinburgh. Group show. 2006.

Atticsalt Gallery, Edinburgh. Group show: Michael Wildman and Alan McGowan. 2007.

Royal Scottish Academy Annual Show, Edinburgh. 2007.

Atticsalt Gallery, Edinburgh. Solo Show. 2008.

Axolotl Gallery. Edinburgh. Solo show. 2010.

Axolotl Gallery. Edinburgh. Retrospective show. 2011.

Museo Casa de la Libertad, Sucre, Bolivia. Solo Show 2011

Atticsalt Gallery, Edinburgh. Solo show. 2012.

Salon Venn. Edinburgh. 2013.

Association of Social Anthropology of the UK and Commonwealth Annual Conference. Street Photography Workshop. 2014.

The Printmakers Coffee Company. Edinburgh. 2016.

Solo Exhibition. Eduimagen-Escuela, Cali Colombia. 2018.

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